Voodoo-kulttuurin vaikutus Maya Derenin taiteessa

Maya Deren - collage Niko Skorpio

Mitä yhteistä on länsiafrikkalaisperäisellä heimouskonnolla ja ukrainalaissyntyisellä amerikkalaisella avantgarde-elokuvataiteilijalla? Kun taannoin kiinnostuin Maya Derenin elokuvista, en vielä tiennyt mitään hänen kokemuksistaan Haitilla. Olin etupäässä kiinnostunut Derenin pioneeriasemasta amerikkalaisen taide-elokuvan kentällä, sekä hänen valtavasta vaikutuksestaan esimerkiksi David Lynchin elokuviin.

The Overview Effect then and now

Reading the late Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell‘s 1971 account of his overview effect from 50 years ago, and his thoughts on the nature of things regarding the human condition and planet Earth, I can’t help thinking about current events in the USA and worldwide.  Mitchell presented three major alternatives for the future:  As I … Read more

The Spiral Nature of Time

Time has a spiral nature. Events follow one another, but not in strict linear fashion. Transverse threads pierce through the fabric and create connections, like shortcuts.    Rewind back to May 1997. I was wrapping up my graphic design studies, about to move back to Turku, and most of all determined to focus on music … Read more

Uneasy Ride – the Book

Niko Skorpio : Uneasy Ride – Chasing Freedom, Facing Devastation

I made a small edition of my thesis book Uneasy Ride – Chasing Freedom, Facing Devastation available for ‘public consumption’. Published by PARAFERAL, the edition is 20 copies only. As of writing this a few copies are up for grabs via the renewed PARAFERAL website. Written in English, rich in photographic illustrations.Pro-printed, softcover, 80 pages.Size … Read more

Artist’s Work Hours

HNGR - NikoSkorpio (frame grab)

There’s the notion that the artist is always as work, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. At least some parts of their brain are at work. I have to agree, and often it’s not the question of choice but simply the way the mind works.