TH€€€F presents APOPTOSIS! Aalto Festival 2016

TH€€€F APOPTOSIS! Aalto Festival 2016

Back on 20 May 2016, TH€€€F performed live at Aalto Festival in the premises of Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo Finland. To commemorate this, we have decided to release the live audio from 5 years ago on May 20, this year – it’s tomorrow! Free download from TH€€€F Bandcamp aka!  APOPTOSIS! Aalto Festival 2016 by TH€€€F Also a handful … Read more


TH€€€F – TISSUE SAMPLES, 2 Download @ TH€€€F Bandcamp Second part in series of live recordings in studio environment, captured while developing and testing tools for sound manipulation. Tracklist01 THE FILM OF YOUR LIFE02 FRANKIE GOES TO HELL03 SHUTEYE SOLACE04 VAMPIRIC ALGORITHM05 XOR NOT06 TRIPLE NEGATIVE  origin RANDOM RADIO FREQUENCIES process SAMPLING, SPLINTERING, RESEQUENCING variables CHANCE, INTUITION, … Read more

Soundtracks – Audio Works for Film and video 2011–2018

SOUNDTRACKS – Audio Works for Film and Video 2011–2018 Download Soundtracks via Bandcamp All tracks conceived & constructed by Niko Skorpio for cinematic works. Compiled for PARAFERAL Sound 2020. Soundtracks will be followed by a another compilation album that will feature audio works made for art installations. Title, date and contents to be revealed shortly. … Read more