N’GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995 – early noise recordings

PARAFERAL Sound and Niko Skorpio present a new audio release: N’GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995

Unreleased, unfinished recordings from 1993–1995 rediscovered, processed, assembled and wrapped up to this new release! Originally made under rather obscure project names COLD ONCE TURNING DUST and PROJECT OF EVIL MINDS N’GAI, they represent some of Niko Skorpio & friends’ earliest excursions into noise music. 

“We were inspired, had lots of ideas but not so much equipment nor knowledge on how to accomplish what we wanted. Eventually, due to frustration and some technical issues I shelved and abandoned those early demos.”

…until some 25 years later when they were discovered among Skorpio’s personal media-archological excavation. Some of the tapes were in far form optimal condition and most of the contents were bare-bones lo-fi experiments, none of them finished at the time. 

“I had mostly forgotten about them, discovering them was like looking into another time that I wouldn’t relate to anymore. But perhaps that’s why I found them interesting. I decided to approach the tapes as pure found footage, disengaged from the original ideas and concepts, most of which were lost in time anyway. The resulting album may not be what I envisioned 30 years ago, but while working on it now, I kept in mind my original inspirations in noise and industrial music – Sigillum S, Lustmord, Hanatarash, Herb Mullin and the like. It was a new process based on some worn-out tapes on which crackles and hiss were equal in importance to what was originally captured.” 

N’GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995 is out May 1 on PARAFERAL Sound. Limited artisanal CDR with booklet + photo print, and unlimited download via Bandcamp. Preorders welcome from Friday 7 April!

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