Black Metal Rainbows

I was asked to contribute something to this benefit compilation album Black Metal Rainbows. Happily accepted the invite, since it’s being released for good cause, in support of LGBTQ+ youth through various charity organizations. It’s also related to a book also named Black Metal Rainbows due out in the new year. 

I delivered an all new track called “The Outsider” which was recently constructed from material recorded way back in 1993, when the black metal wave was peaking with certain dramatic events that have since reached mythic qualities among new generations. The track is certainly in the noise spectrum rather than black metal, though, but there is a strong conceptual link to those times and events. 

‘The Outsider’ is dedicated to all outsiders anywhere on the spectrum

The compilation itself is massive, gathering over 100 underground black metal, noise, and electronic artists! Looking at the tracklist, I only know Merzbow, which I guess just points to my reclusiveness rather than anything else… so I will be very curious to listen through it all and learn. I suggest you do, too. Mind, it’s 10+ hours in total! Black Metal Rainbows is out on November 4 and can be downloaded from Bandcamp. Check it out! 

Let’s have a few more words about my tiny contribution. It’s related to a long and slow archival restoration process that began a few years back. The goal was, and is, to digitize everything I’ve recorded since I began my wayward path in “the music business” (which has been mostly not music and very rarely ‘business’), never mind the status or quality. A lot of unfinished and unreleased recordings were unearthed, the earliest dating back to around 1990. What to do with all that, if anything, remains to be seen. More about that in another time perhaps… 


100+ underground and black metal, noise, and electronic artists—including Krallice, Dawn Ray’d, Pupil Slicer, Caïna, Sacred Son and Merzbow—come together in support of LGBTQ youth for benefit compilation album Black Metal Rainbows, released on Bandcamp Friday November 4, 2022.
Black Metal Rainbows is a show of strength: 100+ queer, trans, leftist, anarchist and antifascist bands from the global underground rising in support of LGBTQ youth—who are currently the victims of a wave of repressive state measures and stochastic terrorism whipped up by fascist and conservative forces worldwide. From blackened grind to epic black metal, blackgaze to dungeon synth, noise to avantgarde, there is leftist metal and extreme music for everyone!

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