Psychic Topography and some other things

A local group exhibition with artists from the region, myself included, is now open:

VESI (Water)
Taidemakasiini ITU, Humppila
6.7. – 18.7.2021

Niko Skorpio @ Taidemakasiini ITU 2021
VESI – Taidemakasiini ITU exhibition 2021

A few words about my works for this exihibition

For a long time I focused mainly on working with moving image. A couple of years ago I noticed a need to change. I longed for something more direct and concrete. Something that would allow me to think or unthink while keeping my hands busy. I needed something slow, repetitive, sustained, leisurely even, something to do alone. 

So I went back to my old friend Ink. I began working on fully improvised non-figurative images based, on one hand, repetition, on the other, unpredictability of ink and water. This kind of work also provides a time and space for meditation, which was another thing I’ve missed during the rather hectic times.

Unlike one would expect, that pandemic didn’t influence the choice. This phase began before the Covid-19 plague arrived. However, what the pandemic provided was more time for the kind of slow, meditative work in solitude. 

While working on the pieces I’ve been thinking about growth, change, evolution, wave motion, vibration, states of matter, surface patterns, psychic topography and more. All this is naturally related to the theme of this exhibition: Water. 

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