Rites of Spring: Changing Tyres in tune of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, LBRP, is a popular ritual in Western ceremonial magic. Originally devised by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the late 19th century, many variations have been in use by different groups and individuals throughout times. In playful spirit of letting the Great Work manifest among mundane activities, here’s a piece of practical magick inspired by LBRP and its variations, in use bi-yearly. 

In Finland it is typical (and mandatory) to use a different set of car tyres for winter and summer. The winter tyres come with spikes to handle the ice and snow. You’ve got to switch the tyres twice a year, so why not make a ritual out of this otherwise somewhat boring burden. My approach to magick is quite unceremonial, perhaps heretical in traditionalist eyes, and so is this compared to the original LBRP. But those in need of drama and amusement may imagine yours truly wearing a robe and vibrating secret names and dancing around the car.

Four wheels, one for each element and/or each compass point. 
Five bolts for each wheel, forming a pentagram. 
You unscrew the bolts counter-clockwise in the right order, imagine drawing a pentagram counter-clockwise. 

In ritual context, the counter-clockwise rotation draws a magic circle that disengages one from the mundane natural stream of time and causalities. The magic circle is a temporary unspace beyond the fabric of immediate reality. In this unspace one may conceive and set in motion things that will manifest at some point in that natural stream.

Having done what they intended, the magickian closes the circle and returns to normal space by performing a set of clockwise rotations. Five bolts for each of the four wheels, screwed in clockwise fashion forming a pentagram.

The five bolts in the wheels of my Ford conveniently form the pentagram. Wheels with four bolts one could plan some kind of a rose cross variation. With six bolts a hexagram ritual, for instance. Imagination is the skeleton key that opens all doors. Use it and transcend any obstacles set by Control.

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