Truth’s Protective Layers

This essay examines a speech given by Neil Armstrong at the Apollo 11 25th Anniversary in 1994. Certain things he said have caused a lot of speculation in the ufo conspiracy theory circles. I came across this speech while doing some research on the conspiracy theory culture. (For ViCCA, 29 April 2016)

The Speech

Video footage of the speech can be found on under the title ”Apollo 11 25th Anniversary” (see above).1  Besides Armstrong, the other speakers are president Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore. I focus here on Armstrong, whose speech begins at around 2’05”.

First he addresses the people present, cracks a joke about parrots being the only bird that can talk but cannot fly very well (somewhat flawed but manages to make the excuse that Armstrong the astronaut can fly but not talk very well) and briefly reminisces the times of the Apollo 11 project. Things get interesting from 4’55” on when Armstrong addresses the students in attendance. I quote the whole passage:

“Today we have with us a group of students, among America’s best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief. Those challenges are yours–in many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny.”

One of the truth’s protective layers?

This can easily be interpreted as Armstrong admitting that some things are concealed from public knowledge. Ever since he and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, there have been speculations on whether it actually happened at all, or if it happened the public is not informed on the true nature of the mission. It was even suggested that Stanley Kubrick was hired to make the moon landing videos we ”know” to be real, in the studio! Furthermore, Kubrick’s classic horror film Shining has been interpreted as being a kind of ”openly secret” confession to faking the moon landing footage… This, among other interesting/amusing interpretations are featured in the 2012 documentary film Room 237 by Rodney Ascher.2

Back to the speech. Right after saying ”truth’s protective layers” Armstrong seems to look over his shoulders, as if checking out what president Clinton, vice president Gore and some members of the Congress present thought about his words. This is speculation, though, since the video zooms in on Armstrong, the others remaining outside of the view. Another speculative remark I made is Armstrong seems slightly hesitant, or emotional, at that moment, compared to his generally positive and relaxed presence.

Looking at the video’s comments on YouTube and elsewhere on the web, Armstrong’s body language can be interpreted in many ways. Naturally the online comments are not to be taken as expert views on body language or anything, but they do tell something about how Armstrong’s speech and performance can be interpreted.3

President Bill Clinton’s speech follows. Clinton doesn’t refer or react to Armstrong’s words but gives a pre-planned smooth celebratory speech, as expected.

The person

In his speech, Armstrong reminds us that the moon landing project involved a great number of people, according to him about one of two of every thousand Americans. Even though Armstrong happened to be the first man to set his foot on the surface of the Moon, it was a collaborative project involving thousands of people. He doesn’t seem comfortable about taking credit for the whole spectacle.

According to biographies, Armstrong was a humble, shy and private person. Since the Apollo 11 mission, he appeared reclusive, rarely giving interviews or doing publicity, despite his unique, celebrated status as ”the first man on the moon”.

Withdrawal from public can naturally be accounted for his personality, and drawing any other conclusions may be misleading. Still, his presence in the video and especially the words chosen inspire the curious to wonder, what exactly is the truth these protective layers conceal?

Is it too much to take these few words out of context of the whole speech?

Did they land on the moon at all?

Did they land on the moon but something – a technical issue, human error, alien spacecrafts or whatever – made the film unshowable and a fake footage (by Kubrick or someone else?) was made anyway?

We must remember this was deep in the Cold War era. Failure in such a crucial mission, or the mere failure in documenting the mission properly, would have been disastrous. It was all part of the space race, after all, the Soviet Union had made great advances in space flights and related technology. For America and ”the West”, the first person to set their boot on the moon would have to be American, otherwise the shame of being on the losing end would have been too much to bear…

Speculation on the scene

What to make of all this? We just have this video clip, several official sources stating their facts and then, endless amount of speculation on the Internet about various conspiracies, aliens, alternative truths and so on.

A curious observation needs to be mentioned. I’ve read and watched numerous books and documentaries about the ufo/alien conspiracy lore, and most of them sport this funny / frustrating mix of actual documented cases of assorted weird shit that makes one wonder, as well as stuff that is so obviously hoaxed that no one could take it seriously. The end results are almost always a mess among which even the credible bits appear ridiculous. Is this one of those protective layers?

The alien conspiracy scene is flooded with disinformation. There’s even evidence of the US government having been heavily involved in the creation of this whole ”culture”. A document called Mirage Men, directed by John Lundberg and written by Mark Pilkington (who also wrote a book with the same name) digs into the subject. They suggest that the whole thing was created as a smokescreen for advanced technology developed by the Air Force.4

It is very hard if not altogether impossible to make sense of what is actually true and what isn’t. The deeper you dig into the subject, the more confused and paranoid you get. Whether deliberate or not, the subject matter is so stained that if you even consider taking any of it seriously you are considered a loonie. Ufos, aliens etc. can only be addressed by way of fiction and entertainment. And so it has…

Alone or not

The entertainment scene is so thoroughly saturated with ufos and aliens that we’ve grown used to them. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big thing anymore if we finally discovered some undeniable facts about advanced, sentient life elsewhere in space.

Some say we have no way of meeting alien life until we accept the possibility of such an event occuring. There is that.

There’s also the question, have we actually, seriously considered the possibility of being alone? That our very planet Earth would be the only rock supporting life in the entire universe? Once we as a species truly realize such a possibility, we must face the consequences and act accordingly. Would we finally start nourishing all life on the planet and glorifying its intense diversity, instead of being busy destroying it for quick profit? Could we end the cycle of fear and greed that currently control our thoughts and actions?

As Armstrong concludes his speech, human destiny lies in space. But for now, with our paranoia over territory, possessions and power, we are nowhere near that level of evolution. Let’s admit it’s time to overcome these obstacles within us. Let’s grow up!


2 Noel Murray, ”Room 237” – review of the film,

3 For example, comments on the article ”Did Armstrong & Aldrin receive death threats to keep moon secrets?” written by Michael Salla,,

4 Virginie Sélavy, ”Mirage Men”, article published on Electric Sheep Magazine,

17 thoughts on “Truth’s Protective Layers”

  1. Anyone else here who thinks there is someone in the midst with his / her hand on the mute button,?
    Just in case Neil decided, to tell the truth after all?
    “NASA” why did you erase 259 boxes of Apollo 11 film

    • It is A mathematical certainty that there is no way Earth is the only planet with life. There is no doubt that life exists elsewhere. The problem lies with the distance needed to be traveled for us to meet other life forms. I believe there is knowledge of the government that other beings have come here and evidence of them was found on the moon and that is what Armstrong was referring to. There seems to be a possible UFO sitting on the bottom of the Baltic sea. If anyone does try to blow the whistle the government is going to go all out in attempts to discredit anyone who tries to let that info out. Most people are just simpleminded and stupid enough to believe the government. Those Fox news idiots are a perfect example of human sheep blindly following big brother and all his lies no matter how rediculous they may be.

    • Yes likely there could have been an interuption… but his family lives were still at stake, I think he was a decent man, torned, and had to try to blow a warning just as JFK did.

  2. I have recently developed a thesis regarding “ghosts” and paranormal phenomenon that can explain Neil Armstrongs comments. All hauntings and paranormal events that have been documented but remain unexplained are caused by a temporal anomaly I refer to as a timeslip or “temporal distortion”(it could also be a temporal field that exists everywhere, but it’s effects are more dramatic on certain hot-spots). The timeslip seems to be fixed to geological position, it’s effects vary but usually are captured on video with use of infra-red light or IR illumination. The most commonly documented anomaly associated with the timeslip is flying “orbs”; These orbs are actually the a reflection of IR light from a camera into the eyes of paleo-fish and sharks swimming through the timeslip area. This reflection is the most commonly documented paranormal phenomenon because earth has been covered in Iapetus/Panthalassic ocean for the majority of it’s biological history.

    Note: The “orb” phenomenon can sometimes be explained as dust: A simple way to test if the anomaly is dust is to fan it with an instrument, compressed air or similar tool: If it responds then it can be explained as dust. Another way to test if an orb anomaly is dust is to completely isolate the suspect area (if feasible), clean it thoroughly, then re-record after the area has been controlled. Using additional IR sources directed at the timeslip will produce better results. Aiming IR light towards a large dark non-reflective surface (across from the timeslip area) will also increase perceptibility for video capture.

    Speculating on Neil Armstrongs comments:
    -“great ideas undiscovered” – may include the timeslip theory itself as well as any additional benefits direct timeslip research will provide (its study could result in time travel).
    -“breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers” – may elude to the idea that literal timeslip breakthroughs are available to any individual who commits direct research on a timeslip. It may even mean that there is some type of natural layer that obstructs perception of the timeslip; IR light maybe be a tool that removes this layer allowing for it’s increased perception. It could be referencing the visual spectrum and that we can only perceive a certain segment of light, this limitation may be the “protective layer”.
    – “there are places to go beyond belief” – likely means that time-travel is possible via timeslip research and that we will be able to travel through time via direct research.
    – “those challenges are yours in many fields, not the least of which is space” – may mean we should be focusing on timeslip, or temporal field research, and not on space travel. It could also be a direct reference to the electromagnetic spectrum or similar field that is key to timeslip research and study. Like the effects of infra-red on the timeslip, there maybe another spectrum of light that interacts with the timeslip more effectively than IR.
    – “there lies human destiny” – likely means that timeslip research will result in a visual perception of human destiny

    • It’s “they’re lies…human destiny” not -there lies human destiny- (he gave it a SHORT PAUSE there,what a smart man: Neil was a GENIUS,but anyone can catch his drift here,he really did not wish to tell a lie; what a human being!

      • I did not catch that one, yes an other not so crazy clue.
        ” We leave you much that is undone.” as opposed to not done..
        : not done or finished. We all know Space is not finished…

      • There has been NO SPACECRAFT which has returned to the earth’s surface once it has left Earth’s low orbit…NONE.. NO CONTRY HAS EVER ACHIEVED THIS…NONE. APOLLO filming missions were filmed here on earth.. NASA created several film sets they call “THE MOON” It was easier than most people think. One big riddle. Solve the riddle and the truth be known

        • Yes. All it takes is discovering crack in The Matrix to change your life. Maybe the moon landing, 911, or Convids- 1984. Once you see the truth of any of these things, reality breaks through and your life changes in an instant. It’s pretty much all you think about day and night. Our lives are completely constructed by lies.

  3. Neil Armstrong was VERY unwillingly living a lie. Therefore very few public appearances. In those public appearances how much does he mention his walk on the moon? Mostly he talks of technical issues. He did not want to lie to his audience’s. The truth that we did not go to the moon has a protective layer of reprisal if anyone in the know would talk.
    President Clinton spoke next (25 anniversary moon landing). What he said went over everyone’s head. Pres. Clinton spoke of an ” insurrmountable wall”. The insurmountable wall is 2 things #1. It’s impossible to go to the moon. And #2 is what Niel Armstrong meant when he said there are things “beyond belief”.
    What is “beyond belief”?
    The earth is Flat.

  4. Ah yes, let’s immediately assume that those who question the Apollo mission are also UFO conspiracy theorists. That usually shuts things down right away and will relieve us of having to have an intelligent conversation about how it was scientifically impossible but politically and culturally imperative for Apollo to land on the moon in 1969 and therefore ignore all clues and evidence that suggest that very fact. Armstrong’s White House speech is one of many such clues.

    • Let’s NOT assume anything. There are many layers to ‘truth’. I agree that ‘UFO’ is a magic word that shuts down a many brain, but don’t let it affect yourself. Instead, feel free to discuss and share your finds.

    • Indeed, a little tint layer… dont know of crazy bill kaysing venting about ufo or worst ET saucers. USA and civil NASA agendas are not spoken of, but fact during the “all Mankind leap” killings were going on in Vietnam and other CIA webs.

  5. I’d love for Armstrong and Aldrin to actually explain that “magic moment” accidentally captured on camera where they fake being half way to the moon as seen in “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon”. You know, the shot where they are supposedly filming from one side of the spacecraft through a small round window to make LEO seem like halfway to the moon. I’ve only seen Aldrin hit the guy who asked the question and wanted him to swear on the bible… And that press conference where those 3 are sitting there when just returned from man’s greatest achievement…. The look on those faces tells me they were lying about everything. But yeah, all speculation. And in this day and age, anything can be faked. You can make a video of Donald Trump saying he fucked 20 men using his voice etc. Unfortunately nowadays it’s difficult to separate truth from false.

  6. I am always flabbergasted at the amount of sane normal adults covering Retards with no basic science claims on all levels. phds, engineers, scientists, professors…. Sadly its not obnormal to question GOV authorities on everything because they feel free to lie to the People and proven to do.

    Walking on Moon are an other orb, it is for sure something is seriously wrong with the tale. Keep on minority unconforming Humanity patriots !


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