Enter silence

It’s Good Friday. I’m in my home studio, tidying up the desks, organising piles of paper, sorting out possibly useful material from mere trash. Making room to work on new things. Banishing dust demons.

In Finnish, Good Friday is called “Long Friday” (Pitkäperjantai), and I wouldn’t mind this Friday lasting for a week or two. I’m not Christian; Easter has no significance to me, apart from allowing some extra time off from work and other busyness. In these hectic times I welcome any extra periods of relief, silence and calm I’m given. My current shuffling between making art (aka the Great Work), teaching and studying is fulfilling and gratifying in its diversity, but also burdening. Thus all opportunities of retreat and chillout are taken with pleasure.

Anyways, I decided to set up this blog, mainly to share writings related to my studies but also to keep a kind of record for the textual aspect of my work, whether essays, notes, scripts or sketches and whatnot. This, setting up a blog that is, is also part of the attempt to set things (and my thought processes) in functional order.

The commenting option is open, to invite any relevant comments, ideas and so on. Online discussion or arguing is not one of my primary interests, but any advice or attempts to dig deeper into subjects at hand are the most welcome.

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