Niko Skorpion Holarkia-taidenäyttely Kaarina-talossa

Holarkia - Niko Skorpio - Kaarina-talo 2024

Niko Skorpion Holarkia-näyttely Kaarina-talossa esittelee valikoiman abstraktien tussipiirustuksien ja sekatekniikkateoksien sarjasta, jonka tämä aloitti 2019. Skorpio piirtää paperille loputtomia sarjoja viivoja, linjoja ja muotoja. Ne eivät pyri esittämään mitään, mutta niistä voi muodostua abstrakteja maisemia, olioita tai tapahtumia, tai näiden välimuotoja.

N’GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995 – early noise recordings

Niko Skorpio presents N'GAI+COTD Tapes 1993–1995

Unreleased, unfinished recordings from 1993–1995 rediscovered, processed, assembled and wrapped up to a new release! Originally made under rather obscure project names COLD ONCE TURNING DUST and PROJECT OF EVIL MINDS N’GAI, they represent some of Niko Skorpio & friends’ earliest excursions into noise music…

Black Metal Rainbows

Black Metal Rainbows

I was asked to contribute something to this benefit compilation album Black Metal Rainbows. Happily accepted the invite, and delivered an all new track, constructed from material recorded way back in 1993…

The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717)

Niko Skorpio - The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717)

A new sound release The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717) by Niko Skorpio is out now! Released by PARAFERAL Sound, it is available as free download and an artisanal CDR+art print set from PARAFERAL Shop and Niko Skorpio’s Bandcamp page. We also offer a bundle that includes the previous, related album The Unfolding – Themes & Variations.  The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717) by Niko Skorpio About the album The Unfolding (emergent) audiovisual performance was planned … Read more


Becoming PARAFERAL – Toronto 2014 – Niko Skorpio

One morning near Kensington Market, Toronto, May 2014. Thanks to a persisting jetlag I wake up early again, around 6am. My hosts are obviously sound asleep. I grab my camera and notebook and go out for a long walk. The neighborhood is quiet, only birds seem to be awake. The rising sun paints the cityscape with a sweet mix of pink and orange. A raccoon crosses the street, obviously knowing they’re the one who…